Our Services

Who We Work With

Tile Direct work with small, medium & large home builders, including builders of medium density and community housing.

Unlike our competitors, who may be structured in a manner that services only one or some of the home builder types, Tile Direct is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of each individual builder. We recognise that part of each individual builder’s success is ‘the way they do things’, so at Tile Direct we ensure that we integrate our systems and processes to suit each unique home builder and their clients.

How We Work With Home Builders

We work with home builders in either a supply & install capacity or supply only (we do not offer install only).

The manner in which we deliver our services and the services required is dictated by the builder and the packages that they choose to offer their clients. Builder can take as many or as little of our offered services as they desire.

Our Pre-Tiling Services

  Exclusivity of the showroom in one of our by-appointment only studios
•  Selection consultation with trained interior designers specialising in tiles
•  On-the-spot extras calculated for speedier sign-off and admin turn around times
•  Estimating services for job-by-job quoting
•  Forward ordering systems with suppliers to minimise out-of-stock and discontinued issues
•  Long term storage and warehousing
•  Delivery of jobs directly into site garages, to avoid lost productivity of individual tilers picking up and unloading

Our Tiling Services (during & post)

•  Brick-up baths
•  Waterproofing
•  Underfloor heating supply & install
•  Site supervision during and after install to ensure high quality of workmanship & BCA standards are met
•  Applying silicon to wet areas and main living spaces
•  Tile & grout sealing
•  Feature cladding & stone works
•  Maintenance division dedicated to pre-handover and/or post handover services

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