Tile Selection Journey

Customer Tile Selection Journey

STEP 1 – Choose Builder

Builder takes deposit from client for build (confirmed sale)

  • Builder notifies Tile Direct of customer details, provides plans and contract/tender

STEP 2 - Appointment (pre selection or formal selection)

  • Tile Direct contacts client, and notifies them of upcoming appointment availabilities or
  • Customer books in appointment (what about online booking through website??)
  • Tile Direct send confirmation email (details of booking, what to bring, what to expect, etc..)

STEP 3 – Selection

  • Client arrives to designated selection centre
  • Client may or may not have brought with them stimulus to aid in selecting; vanity colours, bench top colours, paint colours, images or pictures from magazines or the internet
  • Commence selecting tiles and associated materials/products for their respective areas
  • Extra costs based on selections made, calculated and signed for on the day
  • Customer signs off on selection made
  • Customer signs off on important technical information which also forms part of their selection
  • Customer is given a copy of all documentation
  • Documentation and extras are sent to the builder for their reference (some builders collect the extra money by putting the cost into the contract, some builders ask Tile Direct to collect the money on their behalf)

STEP 4 – Extras are paid

STEP 5 – Tiles Ordered & Packed

STEP 6 – Tiles Delivered and Installed

STEP 7 – Inspection Carried out by Tile Direct

STEP 8a – If Pass Ok
STEP 8b – If Not, Tile Direct Send Maintenance Team